Jum’ah Salaah is held at the Nathan campus’s Multi Faith Centre for the brothers. The Kuthba starts around 1.15pm and Salat will not start before 1:35 each Friday. In the event that there will be any time changes, you will be informed before hand InshaAllah.

CAMPUS Closest Jumma Salaah Venue
Nathan Multi Faith Centre N35 / Holland Park Mosque 309 Nursery Road, Holland Park
Mount Gravatt Multi Faith Centre N35 / Holland Park Mosque 309 Nursery Road, Holland Park
Logan Logan Mosque – Cnr Third Avenue & Cutis Street, Marsden
Southbank West End Mosque – 12 Princhester Street, West End
Gold Coast Gold Coast Mosque – Cnr Allied Drive & Olsen Avenue, Arundel

ManarahIf you have Lectures during Jum’ah then you can contact video recording services to tape the lecture for you and place it in the library. Please make sure you notify them of this at the beginning of the semester. you have class starting at 2 then it would be handy if you let your lecturer know you might be a 10 minutes late but it is not acceptable (a presentation in 2005 made this clear to the staff) to show up at 2:30pm. You generally have a choice with the labs, tutorials and workshops; therefore this only applies to lectures.

There have been instances where Exams are scheduled during Jum’ah Salaah. In those circumstances the brothers have a couple of options which will allow them to perform the Jum’ah Salaah and sit their exam. Brothers can either request a completely different time for their exam – the new time is at the University’s discretion and will most likely be prior to the initial exam time. The other option is to sit the exam immediately after Jum’ah Salaah. Please talk to your lecturer to allow you the extra time in the end to make up for your late start. Regardless of which option you choose you will need to:

  • Request an alternative sitting by filling out the Application for Alternate Examination Sitting Form.
  • Obtain a signed letter on the Masajid’s letterhead from an Imam stating that you need to be present at Jum’ah Salaah

If you are going to start your exam after Jum’ah Salaah please make sure that the letter from the Imam also states how long Jum’ah Salaah will take